goin’ on.

Christmas with my family in our cozy home was wonderful.

I didn’t open many presents because my main gift was my parents helping me out with my plane ticket to Sydney, Australia.  That’s right.  I know it has been confusing to some exactly where I’ve been the last 6 months and now all the sudden I’m going to Australia… so I made a map that I find quite self-explanitory:

easy as 123... 4, 5, etc.
easy as 123... 4, 5, etc.

…there you go.  That’s the last six months.  Now when I run into old friends out and about they’ll say, “Oh hey, I saw your blog and totally understand where you’ve been the last six months and you don’t have to explain at all” instead of the usual, “Hey Rachel, where have you been?… You live in Portland now, right?… Oh, no?… California?… etc. etc. etc.”

But this will be the next 9 – 12 months:

The Vincents
The Vincents

I will be nannying for this family in Sydney for most of 2009.  January 6th is when I leave and I’ll try to keep this here thing updated so stay connected.

Oh, I’m excited.

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