i made it.

I made it to Sydney!  It’s great!  Well maybe not great, yet.  I was kinda in shock/a funk all day.  But I can tell you this, the family I’m working for is awesome.  Better than I imagined, actually.  It is such a breath of fresh air.

A story from the flight:

I’m boarding the plane to San Francisco, when I walk by a row of young siblings.  The oldest girl is telling her younger brother and sister, “You really need to start being more responsible with your toys!”… Mind you, the youngest must’ve been about four.  I laughed out loud at the whole situation and thought a bit about Anna Davis.

…So turns out I was sitting next to these kids’ parents on the plane.  And at one point, the referenced girl, we’ll call her “Fanna”, was sitting next to me.  She and her father were playing Hangman and this is when I discovered that Fanna is as dumb as bricks.  She was striking out left and right guessing letters.  She made her dad add eyes, ears, a nose and a beard to the hangman before she lost.  And when her dad told her to start guessing more common letters she guessed “Q” and then “V”… at one point she guessed “10”… I KID YOU NOT… she guessed the number ten.  And her dad just laughed and shook his head saying, “Fanna, ten’s not a letter!”…but on the inside he was thinking, “Fanna, you dumb as a brick!”

That was the most entertaining part of my flight.  I slept 12 of the 16 hours on my flight to Sydney… holler.

The Family (in order of appearance):

Marc, The Dad:  Really funny and easy to talk to.  Smiley.  He’s the one who takes care of lots of meals, although I will start doing that, and he schedules the kids’ appointments and such.  Seems like a good guy… AND he gave me all the dirt on past au pairs.

Craig, 13:  Shy.  He did warm up to me after I gave him a sweet wind-up toy I bought him from Toy Joy (the best toy store in the world).  His favorite thing he got for Christmas is his Wii and he plays it everyday, all day… at least that’s what he told me.  Come to find, he also surfs a lot… holler.  He does not like pasta, anything in his tuna or anything green.

Hazel, 14:  Real cool girl.  Not shy at ALL.  We have already been joking around and making fun of how we would both look if we always pulled our hair straight back and had no bangs.  She just got a brand new laptop and spends a lot of time in her room on MSN… when she’s not at the mall.  She’s going to take me there tomorrow… we’re going to bond.

Barbara, The Mom:  She works a lot.  We leave on “hols” in two days and she’s already stressed about missing work… not awesome.  She’s real sweet though.  We talked about all kinds of things while Marc yawned because he thought we were being boring… I’m already one of the fam!  Here are some examples…

Things I Got Made Fun of For by the Family:

• Not knowing exactly what a dingo is… I know, I know… I’m an idiot.
• Guessing that airplanes are made of Titanium.
• Never seeing a kettle that boils itself… not on the stove.  Am I the only one in the world who didn’t know these exist?
• Pronouncing all kinds of things differently.
• Getting REAL excited to see a cockatoo fly and then sit on a telephone wire… apparently, they are pretty common.

Welp, I’m off to snooze.  I hope all’s well, America.

i miss you already,

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