all’s i’m saying.

hyam beach.
hyam beach.

The mornings in Australia have proven to be a renewing force close to a religion in themselves.  Sights and sounds here are more beautiful and exotic than I could have imagined.  Every morning I wake up and go out by myself (whether it’s a run or a stroll) and I breathe deep the peace.

The vacation with the Vincents was lovely.  I went surfing, saw dolphins, sat on beaches, cooked delicious meals, ate my weight in amazing fruit, went for beautiful runs, read multiple books… all in a week.  It was magnificent.


But I must say… All of this is not as lovely as I thought it would be without loved ones around.  [insert cliché that I can’t quite remember.]  I know it’s only been a week, but it has been ridiculous how homesick I have been for people.  All this time I’ve wanted to travel to Australia…

I know I’m probably speaking too soon here… Next week I’ll probably fall in love with a group of friends here and never want to leave.  All’s I’m saying is this: My life has been blessed by beautiful sights and amazing adventure, but they are only a fraction of the blessing of my gorgeous friends and family.

Goodnight, Loves.

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