this person.

I must recommend this book…


…but not to everyone.

My first encounter with this book was reading the story “This Person” in this bookstore:

puss 'n books.
puss 'n books.

I finally finished the book yesterday… then quickly flipped to the front and started it again.  I never wanted it to end!  I stretched out the time between stories so that they would never leave.  Miranda July is brilliant.  All the short stories were beautiful, simple, shocking and comfortable.  I found myself thinking, “Man, Miranda July really understands me… but she is waaaaay more messed up than me… but I still want to be her best friend.”

So I do recommend this book to many of you… but not all of you.  She really is quite shocking.  I’m afraid that you’ll read it and then think, “Golly jee, Rachel!  This book is wretched!  You are a dirty girl for even liking it!”  So if you’ll do that, don’t read it.

You might know Miranda July from the movie Me and You and Everyone We Know.

me and you and everyone we know.
me and you and everyone we know.

She wrote, directed and acted in it.  It’s also a great movie.  I recommend it to the same group I recommended the book to.

And if you do get the book, know that there are four colors to choose from.  I got the orange.  I think three other of my friends should get the yellow, pink and green and then we’ll all get together and have a Finer Things Club meeting.

Here are some more photos of Miranda July because I think she is beautiful:




If I could concentrate right now, I’d put some excerpts in from my favorite stories… but it’s not going to happen right now.  Maybe later.

It is a lovely book.

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