…it’s a big deal over here.  And by big deal, I mean it’s a huge frat party.  I am currently sitting in the living room kinda watching “Friends” and kiiiinda watching all the half-naked drunk people walking to or from the beach.  One guy actually turned around in circles before walking into our yard!  He figured it out eventually.

Yeah, so I thought Australia Day would be like the 4th of July… kind of… but not really.  There are a LOT of people at the beach… but more so it’s just a LOT of drinking and a LOT of Australian flag paraphernalia.  I only saw college-aged people hanging out… not so much families.  Oh and by “hanging out”, I mean I saw a lot of people in kiddie-pools and squirting each other with beer-loaded Super Soakers.  No thanks.

Annnnnywho, this weekend was a real interesting one.  NOTHING went as planned, but it was a weekend filled with finding happiness in the little things…

One of the many times that I got lost this weekend, I found myself walking through a cemetery that was a little bit creepy but mostly beautiful.  The greenery was overflowing and I felt like I was walking through the Secret Garden (don’t make fun of me… you know you read it when you were 12).  Then I saw something that I will always, always carry in my heart.  An elderly man was sitting on the ground, next to a tombstone, reading a book… aloud.  It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen.  I tried not to stare as I briefly passed, but I was mesmerized.  Love.  Wow… how beautiful.  LOVE.

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