my humble abode.

For all of those who wonder what my accommodations are like here in Australia…


…this is a very sad, very blank, view of my room.  I didn’t even think to pack things to decorate my walls.  I even left my dinosaur poster at home!  Sad days.  We are about to move houses, so no point in putting up anything now.

How bout this… If you send me something, anything, I’ll put it up on my wall.  As long as it’s not vulgar or horses.

Dan and Nic [Jackson Hole friends] have coined my living situation as looking Guantanamo Bay-ish.  Fair enough.  I’ll tell you what though… it’s not so much like a detention camp unless they make me go see Hotel For Dogs again… WORST MOVIE EVERRRRR.

Sean Hayes has a great song called “Guantanamo” and I think it’s on his myspace… but I couldn’t tell you that right now.  The internet isn’t working properly… It might get better once Hazel’s pirated copy of Twilight [the movie] finishes downloading.

Love from Guantanamo.

2 thoughts on “my humble abode.”

  1. 1. i really like that picture.

    2. i was going to send you something for your wall, but it was of horses, so i guess i won’t now.

    3. i thought hotel for dogs was awesome! (jokes. get it? since we have the exact opposite taste in movies? i will never see that movie.)

  2. 1. why, thank you.

    2. blech, no horses.

    3. i feel we can agree on this one. if you ever have little pattons, i pray that you won’t have to watch that movie with them.

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