little miss lipstick.

The other day I was walking with the Vincents into a drug store [here they call it the Chemist… weird].  While walking in, we saw a little girl who was about three years old with her mother.  The little girl had lipstick ALL over her face.  Well maybe not allll… but definitely covering most of the bottom half of her face.  It seemed that her mother had just discovered Little Miss Lipstick trying on some samples and was trying to hurry her out of the store.  The Vincents hurried in and avoided eye-contact.  I, on the other hand, think that stuff like this should be glorified and held in attention for as long as possible.  The mother saw that people were trying to avoid the situation…

Mother: “She did it herself!” …[she defensively yelled at no one specifically… as everyone kept pretending she didn’t exist.]
Me: “She looks beautiful.”
Mother: [surprised] “……..well, I think so.”

I just LOVED that.  “I think so.”  Whilst her daughter was giggling, happy as a clam, behind her.  So awesome.

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