i would put my kids in the sydney public school system… knock on wood.

I ride the train a lot around Sydney… and so do a lot of kids.  I have heard some ri-diculous conversations over the last couple weeks, but this one is my favorite thus far:

[two teenagers, a boy and a girl, in tank tops and neon board shorts.]

Boy: I just can’t stand Tonya.
Girl: Well, maybe she like, won’t be there… knock on wood.
Boy: What?… “Knock on wood”? What the hell does that mean?
Girl: You don’t know what “knock on wood” means?… You dumbass. It’s like one of those old sayings that like everyone knows.
Boy: Oh shut up. Just tell me what it means.
Girl: Well it means like, “never mind”… Like you say something that like you don’t really want to happen and then you say, “knock on wood”.
Boy: So you say stuff that you don’t mean and then say, “knock on wood”?
Girl: Yeah, exactly.
Boy: Like… You got a fat ass! Knock on wood!
Girl: Hey! You jerk!
Boy: I said, “knock on wood!”
Girl: Haha… yeah, okay.

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