This afternoon, I picked Craig up from school and headed towards home.  Hazel decided to take the train home… something about socializing… Craig wants nothing to do with that kind of stuff.

Anywho, Craig was pretty pooped from his big Monday school day.  Not even my rendition of “What’s Love Got to Do With It” could keep him awake.  Poor thing just curled up in a ball and drifted off in the passenger seat.  Most times of the day I wouldn’t mind if any of the Vincents drifted off and left me in silence, but I was in absolute rare form this afternoon.

After Craig was asleep for about one whole minute, I turned on this road where there were no cars.  As our car approached the stop sign, I slammed on the breaks and let out a hilarious/could-have-been-real scream, “AAAHHHHHH!!”  Craig SHOT up, eyes wider than ever as he gasped for his LIFE.  I had instantly cracked myself up and had to spend some extra time at the stop sign to recover… as well as to let Craig cool down…

– What the HELL is wrong with you!?

– [trying not to laugh.] Craig, don’t say “hell”…..  Oh man!  You should’ve seen your face!

– Ahhhh fuuuuuuuureaking jerk!  [as a smile starts to crack…]

– Oh, c’mon… I got you so good.  [smiling so wide, it hurts.]

– [starts full-out laughing.]  I saw a youtube like this with this really fat guy and it was really funny!

And I’m in the clear.  If it’s on youtube, Craig thinks it’s funny.  But soon after we started driving again, I began to feel real guilty.  I was thinking to myself, “Rachel, what ARE you doing??  He’s gonna tell his parents and then you’re going to get fired.  Not smart, Rach, not smart….”

– Oh mannn…… good times.  Hey, Craig, how bout we go out and get a treat?  You wanna go to the chocolate shop?

– Yeah!  Can we?

– Yeah, of course!  But hey, only if you don’t tell Hazel that we got chocolate without her, okay?

– Okay, I won’t.

– Yeah, okay and don’t tell your folks about the chocolate either… OR my prank… they probably wouldn’t like that.

– Okay, fine… Can I get TWO chocolate treats?

– Suuuuuuure!

So, yeah I bribed him with chocolate.  He didn’t say a word about the prank to the family.  Not about the chocolate either… like they would care.  We hid our left-over chocolate in the freezer and giggled as I reminded him, “Okay, not a peep about our FUN car ride home!”

Oh man, go ahead and put me in as a nomination for WORST NANNY 2009.  I’ll accept the award proudly.

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