10 thoughts on “is this real life?… okay, NOW… okay, now i have two fingers…”

  1. hahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahhaha!
    i LOVE the scream/ surge of strength in the middle.

  2. dear casey and sheena,

    i get very confused when you both comment under “thepattons”. is there a way to resolve this?

    the stevens.

  3. 1. stop your whining.
    2. i have no idea why sheena comments under “the pattons.” she left me and started her own blog.
    3. it’s doubtful she’ll check back here. make your request known to her.

  4. i did check back here thank you very much…
    and the reason i comment as “thepattons” is because my blog is registered through wordpress under that name. as long as im signed into wordpress this is the name that will show up and i dont feel like signing out. so there!

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