oh in reference to “e]” of rachel’s blog, i TOTALLY agree.

Instead of a normal blog post, I will list many mini posts that could easily be their own post.  I will also put them in alphabetical list for easy referencing.

a] Today Craig got to stay home today from Water Carnival because he “wouldn’t enjoy it”….. Later in the day, I took the kids to the pool… by request……. Craig had a blast…………..

b] I swam laps for the first time since college today… and I use the word “laps” to mean only two at a time… because I am a horrid swimmer.  I remember when my roommate, Sheena, taught me how to swim in college.

c] I heard the song “Praise You” by Fatboy Slim three times today.  Random.

d] The fires in Australia are absolutely tragic, but are finally settling down.  They’re currently investigating the arson involved, which is sick.  If you don’t know, Victoria reached such high temperatures that things just started catching on fire… crazy.  And then, apparently, people started fires as well and things became overwhelming very fast.  I am completely safe though.  I live 7.5 hours away from the fires.

e] He’s Just Not That Into You …saw that one with a friend today.  I must say, it was frighteningly accurate on most accounts.  Sorry, I know… I know… I’m feeding the estrogen fire of ridiculousness… but with most every situation in the movie I thought to myself, “Oh man… they nailed it.”  I wish I had seen this movie with a selected group of girl friends and then we could’ve had a couple bottles of wine afterward.

f] I like Australia a lot more when it’s rainy than when it’s unbelievably hot.

g] I successfully applied to ONE grad school for the fall… baby steps.

h] Oh!  I just remembered that I got VERY upset about something today.  So the Harry Potter book that I bought here is all crazy languaged!  It’s like a whole different book!  Okay, I might be exaggerating but they say “note” instead of “dollar bill”, “fringe” instead of “bangs” [ie: “He flattened his fringe to hide his scar”] and many other things are different.  I feel like I don’t even know Harry, Ron and Hermione anymore.  They’re talking crazy language!  Don’t they know that they are red-blooded Americans??  Okay, maybe not… I just want my old version of Harry Potter back.  By the way, I’m a nerd… if you haven’t gathered that yet.

i] Okay, I’m going to fall asleep in my clothes now… ex-haus-ted.

Love most of you… I’m sure… I don’t know who reads this.

6 thoughts on “oh in reference to “e]” of rachel’s blog, i TOTALLY agree.”

  1. can i be one of the girls who watches it and drinks wine with you?

    and i thought harry and his friends were british.

  2. brittnee, how many times do i have to remind you that pregnant women aren’t supposed to drink?

    whatever, i don’t care if the Harry Potter books are supposedly set somewhere in England… they’re supposed to use Mmmmerican language.

  3. b] sounds like you need another lesson.
    e] now i want to see that movie and drink wine.
    j] love you too.

  4. you can drink wine when your pregnant. (not in abundance) Europeans drink wine everyday when they are pregnant. Maybe thats why thier childrens are witchs and named Hermione.

  5. wait, i didn’t even realise that HP was different over here. i bought 5 of my books in oz and 2 in the US and totally didn’t realise at all. WEIRD.

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