i think he stole a riff from me.

Apparently, the postcard my father sent me [see post below] is one in a series.  This is the best news I’ve had ever.  I hope you think that my dad is as amazing/hilarious as I do… because all of these postcards will be going on this blog.


It is addressed to “Ms. Dazzling Rokee Stevens” and it reads… ahhemmhemmhemmm…

“Hay Rae, Mick & Keith dropped in for Bar•B•Q again.  I should have never told them ‘I live close to an airport.’  At least they gave me 5 hrs notice so I could get cooking.  I asked Keith if we were mates or he was just using me for the ‘Q’.  He said ‘What’s the difference?’  Nice guy but he drinks too much coffee.  Anyway I said that if we’re really mates, to mention ‘Thanks’ to me on the next CD.  He said that the last guy he did that for now accuses him of ruining his life.  Keith & I jammed a lil bit & I think he stole a riff from me.  That’s always how he gets good ideas for songs.  Anyway don’t look for my name on any Stones tune soon.



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