scooby doo and pecker rock.

I know that I’ve already posted today, but my amazing parents have turned my day around and I must share…

With a raging headache [that started at about 7:35am], I opened my email at about 1:30pm to find a precious email from my mother that reads:

“Dearest Rachel,

After reading your blogs and becoming more in tune to the precious moments in life, I have to pass this one on to you.

(At the grocery store by the milk case today)
4 year old boy says to his dad (seriously)
“Dad, what’s your favorite animal besides Scooby Doo?”

I didn’t hear dad’s response but I hope he cherished the question as much as I did.

Love you, babe.”

I LOVE IT. I laughed out loud and smiled for the first time today, which is sad. Anywho, thanks for sharing Momma… you are awesome.

And then you’ll never guess what I got in the mail… ANOTHER POSTCARD FROM MY POPS! I knew you wouldn’t be able to guess. Anywho, this one made me laugh real hard… maybe might be my favorite thus far.

Please Note: The first part of the card is actually true… Dad wasn’t trying to be funny…


It is addressed to “The Astute Rachel Stevens” and it reads… ahhhemmhemmhemm….


Hay Sting Rae, My Grandpa & uncles climbed the stairs in the 30s & stood on top of the FACES. Your Grandpa’s name is on the memorial wall here. This yr Mom wants to drive behind the faces to look at their asses. I don’t want to because it always smells so bad there. You have to drive by Pecker Rock to get there. That’s always uplifting. After that we’re going to Flaccid Falls. It’s near Deadwood, which is downstream from the Hot Springs. I think whoever named all these places had a problem.


*I thought I saw Dolly Parton in this photo but it was just 2 bald headed men standing close together.”

I hope I’m as great as my folks someday.

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