it’s just going to take a while.

This weekend turned my already upside down Australian world, upside down. [right side up??] Either way, I’m happier than I’ve been yet here in Australia… or at least I will be… Friday.

If you hadn’t noticed, the Vincents aren’t my favorite people to work for. In a fit of inward rage after an incident to the like of this one:

[after spending hours in the kitchen making 1, 2, THREE different meals for the family, Marc [the dad] takes a bite of his shrimp fajita.]

– Hmmm… Maybe next time wait a while before you put the prawns [shrimp] in to grill them with the peppers.

…After something like that, I looked to the internet for new au pair positions and called the first family I saw that needed a nanny.

Kylie picked up and was very excited to have me come out and meet her husband and 8 month old, Sienna.

It was a waaaaays out there. They live in Terrigal Beach. [pronounced “Terrible Beach” by me because I think it’s funny, not because it’s terrible… it’s quite nice actually… not terrible.] Anywho, it’s about an hour north of the city.

After the Most Ridiculous Public Transport Situation of ’09, I finally made it to breakfast with Kylie, Grant and Sienna. They. Are. Awesome. Kylie and Grant are both 29 and they’re just hilarious. Here’s my favorite part of a conversation with Kylie…

– So what do you think the family’s going to do when you tell them that you’re leaving?

– Well, pardon my french, but I think they’re going to flip their shit.

– Oh, thank god you curse. That’s pretty damn fantastic.

It just felt like I was hanging out with some close friends. A wonderful day. So I’ve decided to leave the Vincents and work for the Parkers. [adorable pictures of Sienna soon to come.]

I gave the Vincents my one week notice, which I know is short… but please reference all blogs categorized under “the vincents.”

Barbara’s reaction was surprising. We argued about a lot of things, but Barbara kept a pretty cool head.

“Light Housework” was our most elaborated topic. Barbara’s response to my complaints was:

– Well, it’s not like I’m having you wash the walls.


– Barbara, no one washes the walls. Please tell me what the heavy housework is around here.

– Well, the light housework is only…

– No, no… Tell me what the heavy housework is. I know what you think the light housework is.

– Well, “heavy housework” isn’t even a term that people use… It doesn’t make any sense.

– ….[stare of frustration]…. What I’m saying is that I do ALL the housework… And “light housework” implied that it wasn’t ALL housework.

– Well, I’m not having you wash the walls!

[this is where I’d like anyone who has washed walls ever in their life to speak up. she really couldn’t get over the washing of the walls.]

Anyways, it was a good weekend leading to a very hard/awkward week, that will soon be turned into the Australia that I’ve been wanting.

[a conversation with an old woman on a train this weekend.]

– Excuse me. Does this train stop at Central? I asked… because I’m always confused.

– Umm… Oh, yeah it does. But this is the long train to get to Central. So you’ll get there… It’s just going to take a while.

[you’ll get there. it’s just going to take a while.]

speaking of trains:

2 thoughts on “it’s just going to take a while.”

  1. YEA!!!! that sounds wonderful. Im so glad that you found a new family so fast. I was wondering how you be able to put up with that much longer. I will be praying that the Parkers dont have any secret annoyances.

    YEAH! Can you please define for Hazel what a diet is before you leave.

  2. i just had to write a whole nother post to explain the ridiculousness of hazel’s diet in response to this comment.

    oh man, britt… i wish you were here to laugh so hard at this stuff.

    thanks for all the support! you are so great!

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