too much of a temptation.

Here is the final installment of a series I like to call, “Dad’s Postcards”… Not clever? Right… okay. Well, even though I can’t think of a more fitting hilarious title for “Dad’s Postcards”, his last addition is no let down:


It is addressed to “Her Tallness Rachel Stevens” and reads…. ahhhemmhemmhemm….

“Hay BluRay, They asked me to help design the Corn Palace again but I said NO because I’m trying to quit eating corn tortillas & it would be too much of a temptation. They said that’s too bad because they grew some bright pink corn just for me. Now I’m thinking about doing it just to see what the corn tastes like. Working on the Palace is such a hassle because the birds eat all the corn & poop on you like rain. Mom is still mad at me about ruining her good umbrella. I think it looks cute.

BAD DADDY [drawn smiling face.]”

Thanks, Pops, for all of the hilarious postcards. I needed them and enjoyed them more than you know.

My dad is so great. And he’s also an amazing artist! Proud daughter, right here. Check him out:

pops. []

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