I love my life here at the Parker’s… but they are on dial-up. Which means, less posts for Rach’s blog… this not having wireless is a whole new world for me.

This current dial-up situation makes me kinda feel like what this guy is talking about:

Oh, so true.

More to come on the joys of life soon.

3 thoughts on “IT’S GOING TO SPACE!”

  1. I love love love your blog!!

    I hope everything is fabulous with the Parkers! But if not, and you at some point decide to give up on Australia, I have a great offer for you here in the lovely state of Alabama. We would like for you to come be our part-time nanny…perks include 1. a mattress on the floor of any room you choose (well, except the mikeaubrey bedroom), 2. high-speed internet, 3. “light housework” for us means that we’re kinda sloppy, so if you clean too much, we won’t feel at home, 4. evenings and weekends off!

    Unfortunately, we cannot, at this time, offer any wages unless you would, perhaps, accept monthly installments of $5 from Carys’s coin jar.

    Love you and hope our paths cross again one fine day!

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