one turntable and a… new design.

Dear Sweethearts,

Last night I decided that my previous design was crap and dreamt this one up. Please tell me what you think. Better? Worse? How’s the font? Should I try to change the color of the font? Hrmm?

I hope all is well in your world. How are the kids?

Thanks again for always being there for me.

Your Girl.

P.S. It’s a bit fuzzy cuz of the format. The original is not fuzzy.

P.P.S. Oz is lovely. I can’t wait for your visit!

you like?
you like?

P.P.P.S. Okay, what does everyone think of this? I rearranged some stuff so that it’s clear that The Decemberists are performing [in its entirety] THE HAZARDS OF LOVE. mehdunno. I know most of America is asleep, but I hope someone out there gives me some kind of affirmation or “no, don’t do it!” cuz I need to submit it tonight…


P.P.P.P.S. Or this?

giving that dead horse a good beat-down.
giving that dead horse a good beat-down.

9 thoughts on “one turntable and a… new design.”

  1. gurl, that’s real good. i think it’s totally hawt.

    [two tiny little things: a.) can you maybe twist the little white volume sign a hair so it’s not just regular ol’ straight? and b.) is there any way to incorporate a tiny teeny bit of the blue from the “r” of “npr” somewhere else?]

    lurv, d

  2. Rach-
    I am your number one stalker and fan…and I loff you. I also think you should write a book. I’m not kidding. I’ve been doing some serious thinking about this subject and I think it needs to happen. I would buy it and read it…twice.

    Also, the design is brilliant.

    Love love,
    Mary Susan

  3. bobs: why thank you, dear. [don’t say “retarded”.]

    dabz: shanks! i twisted the volume thing a bit… i did even more so after i posted the revised design. and i put the blue on the record. what do you think?

    ms: i was seriously just thinking of you yesterday. ha… i would love to write a book, but what about?! …The Life and Times of a Pop-Culturess: She’s Bringing Texting Back. …or something just as ridiculous. anywho, i miss you! [a thousand rubies, sometimes more!] hey, you’re gettin’ hitched soon, eh?

    jare bear: no, you are the shit.

  4. I’m way behind on this now, and probably too late, but i’ll tell you anyway… this poster is bad to the bone! i don’t even know which bone! it’s that bad! meaning good! if you don’t win (and you better), you’re changing that to an also poster. done and done.

    i like the decemberists in white
    maybe move the date below the decemberists
    above the record
    on the left & stacked like on the top one but smaller
    OR maybe put it going around the center of circle of the record instead of the photo?
    miss you!

  6. I vote this one too.

    I like Decemberists in white but I like the first design.


  7. i like the third one and agreed with dabs. good lit’ tweak of the volume did it some good. can’t wait to see it all over the internet. you’re so fancy!

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