…and then i’ll die at some point.

I have these two Life Plans that I wrote out [mostly jokingly] and just must share them with you. I encourage you to do the same sort of thing for yourself… if not for anything else but the laugh-factor. It’s great to see what four years can do to a list like this. Are you ready to see into the mind of a girl with a plan? I don’t think you are…

[please note that these were done mainly for self-entertainment purposes and i’m not quite that much of a freak… enjoy…]


Rachel’s Life Plan via 2004*:

finish sophomore year

stay in Georgetown for summer 05

intern somewhere in the Austin area

make enough money to buy a nice digital camera

go to Thailand [take great pics]

go to Jackson Hole, WY with the fam [take great pics]

live in a house next year with Britt, Lindsay and mayhaps Sheena

get a golden retriever puppy and name it Rilo

work at CAB my junior year and babysit at TBC still

spend Christmas at home and have a badass new years to make up for last years

[2006] finish up my junior year, be a bridesmaid in at least two weddings

spend the summer interning or as a central staff position at Laity Lodge

graduate in December

live at home and work at a restaurant just to make some last minute money

go to New Zealand to work doing PR for some nonprofit organization

come back to the US in 2008 and start working at a magazine

be in at least three more weddings

meet the man of my dreams in 2010

get married in 2012

move for my husbands job in 2013 [and so Rilo can have a bigger yard]

convince my husband that it’s not too early to have children or just not take birth control… pregnant by 2015

have Carnegie [my first daughter] and move into a bigger house

im not really sure after this.

*all events are subject to tragedy.


Okay, I can’t go without shaking my head at my former self and expressing my embarrassment over the line “move for my husbands job…” First of all, did I not know of apostrophes yet? Damn Baptist school education. Secondly, well yeah… I’m just embarrassed. Never mind.

[fast forward to the end of 2008. here is the revised Life Plan i wrote right before leaving for australia… please note the more structured format… movin’ on up.]


Rachel’s Life Plan*:

January 6, 2009 – Move to Australia.


• January – make new friends, meet someone to teach me to surf.

• February – meet a hot Australian soul mate that wants to be my Valentine.

• March – climb in Arapiles.

• April – climb and surf.

• May – celebrate being 24.

• June – Lisa and company visit.

• July – run my first [of a few] marathon.

• August – keep livin’ it up in Sydney.

• September – my first get-away with my new Australian lover [we go to New Zealand for some climbing/being.]

• October – make sure that Aussies celebrate Halloween.

• November – come back to the States after a fabulous going-away party with all my friends from Oz… call it quits with hot Australian boy.

• December – holidays in Texas before my big move.


• move to Portland and find a decent enough job.

• start a garden.

• meet the man of my dreams.

• vacation in Jackson for a week and a half [in the summer] to love the life of old friends and to finally climb the Grand.

• start graduate school in the fall at the University of Oregon in Eugene.

• christmas in Texas… man of dreams tags along.


• still in school.

• move in with man of dreams… he’s relocated to Eugene.

• sell car and just get around by bike and bus.

• thanksgiving at man of dreams’ house.

• christmas in Texas.

2012 – 2013

• finish school.

• travel to Europe with man of dreams and bike around.

• get a kickass job at Portland Energy Conservation Inc.

• christmas in Jackson… the family vacations there.


• engaged and excited!


• spring wedding… casual and outside.

• dance party reception.

• honeymoon in Greece.

• still working at PECI.


• get a golden retriever and name it Sprankles, Smoot, Rilo or something I think of before then.

• open an art gallery/studio with my husband.

• loving life more than ever.


• Emerson visits Portland.

• vacation in South America to climb with friends and hubby.

• move into bigger house closer to downtown.


• pregnant.

• baby.

• it’s a girl.

• her name is Ellanore ______ _______.

2019 – 2023

• same ol’, same ol’.


• pregnant.

• baby.

• it’s a boy.

• no idea on the name.

2024 – 2041

• raise kids.

• love husband, family and friends.

• go to many art openings at our gallery.

• travel.


• go in with all of my friends [some old, some new] and buy a home in Jackson to vacation to through our retired, lovely lives.

…..and then I’ll die at some point.

*all events are subject to tragedy and/or an unexpected love.


Oh man.

People say that life is what happens while you’re making plans.

I’m pretty sure life is what happens while you’re blogging.

[i probably won’t stop either.]

10 thoughts on “…and then i’ll die at some point.”

  1. Dude. You have to amend the Australian Lover/Man of Dreams part obviously. Something like …
    Leave JH/Break up with man of my dreams.
    Move to Australia/Get back together with him.

    Love you!
    Check out my post today. In honor of you!

  2. No amending.

    These are only written every four years… no going back.

    …Okay, but I will amend this: I plan to travel to Europe with Dabs [no one else] in 2010. BEST TRIP ‘0LIFE.

  3. I laughed.

    Note New Zealand: there is a flight sale jetstar.com.au
    Return flight from Sydney to Auckland for $174AU. I’m going (another trip, as well as my August trip to meet sibling #3) Thursday 30th April and returning Tuesday 5th May. More than welcome to join me, however only on sale til Monday.

  4. stranger: “Is your dog’s name Sprinkles?”
    Rach: “No. Its SPRANKLES!”

    Just checking in on the Rims-intarwebs from JTree. The new poster design is great. Did you draw the turntable or appropriate it? Me thinks its rad.

    I thought you were naming your boy Daniel Gibson…. no? Oh, ok.

  5. Dearest DLo,

    Sprankles will love you.

    Thanks for the holleration at my poster. Yeah, I drew the turntable! I’m psyched on it… but you should see some of the other posters entered… incredible.

    Yeah, I probably won’t name him “Daniel Gibson”… I’ve never been a fan of naming kids after their parents.

    I hope you’re listening to the Mates of States cover of “California” and soaking up all the loveliness there.

    Laaaaaaaaaaaaave You,
    Rims. [i totally forgot about this nickname and i LOVE it!]

  6. This is my favorite part

    “*all events are subject to tragedy and/or an unexpected love.”

    hopefully the unexpected love comes before the marriage part.

  7. yeah amy, i’m pretty sure i was dating [or “not dating”] your cousin during the writing of that first life plan… oh, how things have changed.

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