sans pants.

The life of fabulous babysitters is not usually glamorous… but you gotta do what you gotta do to get by. But what I have noticed, in my 14 years of childcare [little bro born at age 9], is that it has recently become a lot more entertaining. Not so much because of the kids… they still throw fits and poo their pants [up to ages you wouldn’t believe], no, no… because of technology. [cue that technology song from Napoleon Dynamite.] Because when that kid does do something hilarious, precious or just downright entertaining, your computer, iPhone or lesser phone is right there to let you share with the world.

This whole post is just preface to share one sentence from an email that my best of best friends, Lisa, sent me. I refer to her as my “fabulous friend, Lisa” to many because she really is that great. [On, to more preface…]

Anywho, Lisa and I email back and forth one to three times a month. We’re not in constant communication, but when we do email, there’s no BS, it’s always beautiful, and the happenings of our lives just unravels like yarn onto the screen.

In this particular email, we were talking seriously about some serious stuff. I had emailed Lisa asking for advice on life, relationships, art, education [the usual] and she wasn’t able to get back to me [via her iPhone] until she was at a babysitting gig for a very well-off family. [p.s. Lisa lives in NYC.]

So, she’s in the midst of her sage wisdom on relationships, when this sentence interrupts the unraveling:

(just to set the scene, I’m watching spongebob on a big screen whilst 6 year old toothless, bug-eyed Jason jumps on the couch next to me sans pants)

…and then right back into life lessons, without flinching.


This is the life of a fabulous babysitter.

2 thoughts on “sans pants.”

  1. I am back on the intarwebs following the saga of RLMS, when I come across the title “sans pants”…. how was I to know that it wouldn’t be about you?

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