you are a very fit mom!

Bink [aka Sienna, the baby I nanny for] and I go for a walk every day.  We stroll around the shops, get lunch, or just go to the beach.  It’s a nice part of the day.  I’ve about thrown in the towel on anyone not thinking she’s my daughter, though.  I used to correct everyone:

– Oh, your daughter is adorable!  How old is she?

– She’s not my daughter… I’m her nanny… She’s 9 months this week!

But then they’d have all kinds of questions about what being a nanny is like and I’d walk away thinking, “It really doesn’t matter if they think she’s my daughter.”  And it doesn’t.  I’m old enough to have a 9 month old baby… I’m never going to see these people again… So, I’ve stopped correcting people and I just go along with it.  Until I get an “I’M NOT HER MOM” t-shirt to wear, I’ll just play along.  Like yesterday, when a young woman that worked in the shop we were in approached the stroller:

– She’s precious.  What’s her name?

– Sienna.

– Is she your first?

– Ummm… Yep.  First indeed.  [though I should’ve told her about the teenagers I had last month.]

– Wow.  Well, you are a very fit mom!

– Thanks.

It was a very awkward comment/compliment (??).  And as I left the store, a very weird kind of panic came over me…

WAIT. Am I very fit FOR a mom??  OR… I’m very fit + you think I’m a mom = very fit mom.  ??  I need to know this answer.  Does it look like I’ve had a child in my belly??  Cuz I haven’t!

I wouldn’t be so self-conscious about this if I hadn’t been eating so many damn crumpets these days.  They’re too delicious!

To My American Friends,

Crumpets are little bread treats that look kiiiinda like english muffins but aren’t.  And they don’t taste like ’em.  They taste like little pancakes… but spongier.  And…

Crumpet + Butter + Peanutbutter + Sugar + Cinnamon = DELUCIOUS.

I hope you get to experience them at some point in your life.  Maybe I’ve been eating so many because I feel like I have some making up to do… yes, yes, that’s it.

All My Love,
Rach. [aka the “Fit Mom”.]

the "fit mom" and her culprit.
the "fit mom" and her culprit.

3 thoughts on “you are a very fit mom!”

  1. we have those gross looking little cakes at my local grocery store… maybe i’ll try them now just to connect w you.

  2. I have a baby in my belly. The baby you nanny for is cute but not near as cute as the on in my belly…ok maybe she is cutier now, but when Dylan is born then he will be cutier.

    ps. he kicks me a lot now, but he likes it when i dance.

  3. My guess is that she said that because she has never in her life seen such a flat tummy on a woman who’s been pregnant, certainly not a mere nine months previously. In other words, mother or not, you look amazing! (So there. Just DON’T feel you have to give up crumpets, mmmmm….) Which we have here in Canada, too, and which I LOVE, though I’ve only ever had mine with butter.

    Lots and lots and lots of butter.

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