9 thoughts on “i decided…”

  1. Oh yeah? Well I decided that you need to post more blog entries. Those of us sans employment need to be entertained.

    Oh, and I’m psyched that you are happy with the new job.

  2. I”m unofficially subscribed to your blog… I just don’t really like GoogleReader. So you can feel more important now.

  3. I have one of those inside of me.

    translation: im going to have a cute baby. He has to be cute we got him a onesie that has a cow on and said utterly adorable.

  4. sm000t!

    (and i second DLo’s request for more b**g posts, even though i am currently employed – it’s just REAL freaking slow.)

  5. brittnee, don’t be one of those people who calls her baby “cute” when it’s not. i’m not saying that it’s not going to be, i’m sure it will be… but if your baby happens to be ugly or freaky looking, don’t lie about it.

    like when emerson went through her creepy/mullet baby stage, i’d show pictures of her to people and be like, “she’s not cute… you don’t have to say she is… but she’s AWESOME… coolest baby ever.”

    and now she’s adorable!

  6. Agreed. I will try not too. You might have to hold me accountable. Im not sure if the parent bias thing is true or not, considering this is my first but if it is true and I think its the cutest baby ever and he isnt you can tell me. so then i know what people are thinking when they see him.

    but im sure this wont be a problem, i mean look at his hot dad!

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