in the dark… on purpose.

I just went and saw The Reader.  Twas incredible.  So now I’m sitting here, pulling myself together because I cried heaps and heaps.  [p.s. does anyone else out there think that they look prettier after a good cry?  no?  no… just me?  alright, well that’s a whole different (weird) post.]  Anywho, I highly recommend the movie.  It’s been out for ages, but I just got around to seeing it.  And Kate Winslet is quickly becoming one of my favorite actresses.  The woman is talented; I don’t care who you are.

At the cinema, they had signs up reminding viewers that there would be no movies playing from 8:30 – 9:30pm on Saturday, March 28th.  Why no dancing pictures?  Well, you can’t play a movie when all your power is off.

The cinema is participating in Earth Hour, which is an event designed to rise against global warming by lowering your lights for one hour.  Your light switch has suddenly become your ballot.  You can vote earth and show your care for conservation by flipping the switch for 60 minutes.  At 8:30pm, wherever you are on the planet, cut the lights.

You might even be able to find an event going on in your area.  I know most of you readers [all 10 subscribers + bobby… p.s. subscribers will eventually get a tshirt.] are in the United States, so here’s a map showing where there are events happening:

this is NOT an interactive map... but there IS one at
this is NOT an interactive map... but there IS one at

Not a single event in Wyoming… sad, sad times.  I hope you choose to participate… it’s such a cool way to be proactive!  Here, I know I’m not making this sound too sexy… watch this video… it’s awesome:

I’ll be at a book store in Sydney, eating and drinking by candlelight with a bunch of strangers… I hope you find yourself somewhere in the dark… on purpose.

do it to it party time!... sorry, i'm excited.
do it to it party time!... sorry, i'm excited.

7 thoughts on “in the dark… on purpose.”

  1. i really like kate winslet, too. and the reader was a good movie, slow and depressing, but good. we can agree on that one. finally.

    and i can’t wait for my t-shirt!


  2. Tshirt! Woo! I can’t wait. Google usually goes “dark” on Earth Day too. is a good search engine you can use from time to time to save energy too. It’s not as cool as Google actually is, but it’s a good google powered search engine.

  3. pllleeeeaaseee… you make cool stuff and especially cool tshirts. i know from experience. and i am a faithful reader. everyday. before i even check email. (after facebook though, sorry, the addiction).

  4. casey: i’m psyched we finally agreed on a movie again… maybe it was just a phase.

    bobs: way to be… seriously.

    abs: ha… i don’t even know who the “subscribers” are… but Google Reader tells me i have 10 [my favorite number… twice as good as your favorite number]. anywho, i seriously want to make shirts [of what, i have NO clue… but i have an itch] and you’ll definitely be in on them.

  5. i read your blog everyday, does google reader tell you that!

    I saw a commercial on the discovery channel about this and it made me excited. But i didnt know they have done it before.

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