Just to reiterate how awesome the event will be, I wrote an a little diddy on Earth Hour for The Mountain Culture: check it out.

Have a splendid [dark] weekend… I love you all.

Even if you’re by yourself for earth hour, it’ll be okay.  Just turn off the lights and dance to this song… like this guy:

[it would make me love you more.]

2 thoughts on “VOTE EARTH!”

  1. rach, i wish i was with you for earth hour. i’m home for the weekend and my family only played along with my candle fun for 14 minutes. i enjoyed my short earth hour though. hope you’re having a fun one. 🙂

  2. you’re the sweetest. and i can totally picture your dad being like, “why are the lights out?! i can’t see a damn thing!” haha… i miss the lykes.

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