don’t put it past me.

[picture this]

So, you and I are climbing in the Tetons [or Yosemite]…

[p.s. this might be harder for some of you to envision…]

Anywho, we’re climbing, it’s a great day, a long, multi-pitch climb.  Daylight is fading on us and it’s starting to look like we’re going to have to descend as the sun sets.  We get to the summit, take our pictures, then start to strip ourselves of excess gear and talk about getting down in the dark.  We’re just shootin’ the shit, when you get your headlamp out and put it on.  Then, while I’m asking about what you want to grab for dinner [cheeseburgers or nachos], I casually put on this:


That’s right.  It’s a T-Rex Headlamp.

– What are you looking at?  Burgers or nachos?  I’m not gonna lie to you, I’m feeling the margarita with the nachos… but whatever you want, dude……….. What are you looking at??!

I saw one today in a local shop.  You can also find it at this amazing website: WWW.DINOSAURSGALORE.COM.AU

Don’t put it past me.

[side note: …ummm, how come the height chart on Dinosaurs Galore has to only go to 4ft 5in?  straight up ruined my Monday… oh well… i guess i did stop growing at 6ft… it would be a very boring growth chart.]

2 thoughts on “don’t put it past me.”

  1. Uhm… hello. We already carried ONE dinosaur up the route. Adding another could only make things better. Perhaps you should bring an iguanadon belt in addition to the t-rex headlamp though.

  2. hahaha… it took me about two hours to read your comment and have the “iguanadon belt” comment click.

    for those who don’t know… dan and i climbed in the tetons a couple years ago and had to hike out in the dark. i forgot a belt and apparently lost inches around my waist on the climb… thus making my pants fall down on the regular on the hike out. so i finally had enough of walking ten steps, stopping, pulling my pants up, walking ten steps, stopping, pulling my pants up, etc. and i did the sensible thing and took my pants off.

    there i was, sans pants, with my huge climbing pack on, in the dark, hiking out of the tetons.

    ah-mazing… thanks so much for bringing up the memory, dlo… and thanks for dealing with the ridiculousness.

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