magic presents strike again!

Alright.  This is incredible.  You [all the subscribers out there... who will one day get their subscriber complimentary tote bag] might remember my post about magic presents.  Well, the magic present force is getting stronger... or at least quicker... Coincidence (?) Package #3: This morning I woke up absolutely pining for lemonade... it's something I… Continue reading magic presents strike again!

the lips that press back.

Sometimes you need to pull out your Go-Tos.  When your heart hurts, or life throws frustration in your face, or you've run too far ahead before you realize you don't know where you're going, or things get too stagnant, or you find yourself in a foreign country and you need some you-ness... quick... When the… Continue reading the lips that press back.

choose my own adventure… err… dress.

[Well, that was helpful.  Just kidding... Thanks so much to all who participated in this very important decision.  I wore the yellow... I had to make a game day decision and all went well.  I think Jesus and the Easter Bunny were pleased.  I decided I need to utilize this decision-making tool more often.  Maybe… Continue reading choose my own adventure… err… dress.