…what with the recession and all.

Kylie [my boss, a 29-year-old hottie] and I like our coffee.  We found a local cafe that serves our favorite: Campos.  The stuff is like heaven on earth, voted best coffee in the Southern hemisphere.  Campos deserves a post in itself… but this post is not about coffee…

Ky and I have developed a little faux-crush on a bearded barista that works at our new place.  Now it’s all in innocent fun.  Kylie is so happily married and I may or may not have an American squeeze [i’ll keep you guessing].  Either way, it’s fun to refer to our surfer-by-dawn/barista-by-midmorning crush throughout the day…

– Hey Ky, you wanna go get some coffee from your man?

– Totally… Rach, I think he misses you.

But today I had just a downright embarrassing interaction with the eye candy.  Any homeland sweethearts of mine [who may or may not exist] shan’t be worried about anything… because this is what flirting with Rachel Stevens looks like:

[small talk, small talk, smiles, smiles…]

Barista:  Hey, I was just reading about people making trips to Mars.

Me:  Mars?  Like the planet?  [no… no… it gets worse.]

Barista:  Yeah… I’m thinking about going.

Me:  Oh yeah?  I heard chickets are teap……..

[awkward silence.]

Barista:  Pardon?….

Me:  [completely red]  Yeah.  [clear throat]  Tickets are cheap… to Mars…… what with the recession and all… yeah, ummmmm…… Can I get a latte?

…It was painful.

Who wants to see the junk show??  CHICKETS ARE TEAP.

7 thoughts on “…what with the recession and all.”

  1. i got confused at the beginning of this post when you said “29-year-old hottie” because i thought you were referring to me. but my name’s not kylie. and i’m not your boss. you can understand where how it got confusing.

  2. this reminds me of a trip to a italian restraunt on the way back from Colorado. “Youuuuuu Goooud.” – The ever graceful Rachel Stevens

  3. the fact that you commented as “BrittMee”?…. twice now?…. okay, i won’t point that out.

  4. and p.s. brittnee is referring to the time we were at a restaurant with some friends and, while walking in, a nice male employee of the restaurant asked me…

    – How are you tonight?

    I was trying to say, “Good. You?” but i accidentally started off wrong and got confused… but just kept going… and, in turn, said…

    – Yooooooouuuuuuu…. Goooooooooooouuuud.

    it was tragic. the man just stared at me in confusion and i awkwardly walked off.


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