you were definitely stampeding.

It was April Fool’s Day in the States today… whoops.  I played no tricks.  But it did make me think of all the past pranks in my life.  Oh man, there have been some GREAT ones.  Remind me to tell you about what we coined “Ear for an Ear” some other time.  It involved a mannequin and a pig’s head.  It is actually all-together a better story than this one… but too bad for you, I’m the blogess:

Sophomore year of college was prime time for pranks.  My partners-in-crime were also my roommates: Sheena, Brittnee, Bekah and Bliss.  It was our turn to get the boys back.  The boys = Bobby, Anthony, Jared, Justin and Chad [also known as “The Mountain Men”].  I don’t remember what they had done to us, but it couldn’t have been that bad because our retaliation was weak.

We all called our respective Mountain Men and made sure none of them would be home.  They lived in this AMAZING loft above a clock shop in downtown Belton, Texas.  I wish we would’ve taken more pictures of that place and written down more of the happenings of The Loft.

Anywho, we “snuck” into The Loft [aka I had a copy of one their keys made… vital move for serious pranking] and started doing our dirty work.  We came in the sneaky back door and were sure to be fast and efficient.  The damage was so minimal.  We covered their place in toilet paper and maybe stole some movies we wanted to watch.  Nothing really… but the guys were gonna be PISSED!  [HIGH-FIVES!]

So we’re wrapping up [har-har… get it], when we hear someone coming up the stairs to the front door.  We all FREEZE and look at each other like, “OH SHIT!”  #1 Rule in Pranking: YOU CANNOT GET CAUGHT.

– Hurry!  Run!  Run!  Let’s go!

Everyone stealthily and swiftly moves towards the back door and I DROP TO MY KNEES AND BEGIN THE LOUDEST/MOST PANICKED CRAWL EVER KNOWN TO MAN.  Everyone else is pretty much out of the door but Sheena just stops and looks down at me [who is now way far behind everyone because crawling is apparently much slower than actually running].

– Rachel… WHAT are you doing??

– [whispering in a panic] I’m trying to escape!  I don’t know… I thought crawling would be good!

[sheena’s totally calm and i’m freaking out, still on the floor, when sheena starts laughing and says in a normal volume…]

– You’re STAMPEDING.  It’s the loudest thing I’ve ever heard!

[i stand up and quickly run towards her, while whispering…]

– Okay, I’m sorry!  We gotta go!  Let’s go!

[sheena’s still standing in the same spot looking at me in bewilderment.]

– What, were you raised by buffalo?? …Because you were definitely stampeding.

[we hear the front door open.]


[and we run out the door… safe.]

The prank was nothing to retell, but when I remembered Sheena’s reaction to my weird freak-out crawl, I laughed out loud.  Sheena still reminds me that I was raised by buffalo and that’s why I stampede all around.

I do love love buffalo.

4 thoughts on “you were definitely stampeding.”

  1. oh my goodness…this made me lol!
    so funny.
    we also rearranged all their furniture and hung up that racy picture of a guy in his underwear on their wall.
    good times!

  2. Thank you for this recall. And if I remember correctly, they were PISSED! But we did do a great job. I remember moving the phone which wasnt even pluged in to throw them off. And i am pretty sure where ever we moved it, it just stayed there.

    good times.

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