he needs to drink more coffee.

Just when I thought there were no more “Dad’s Postcards”, I get this in the mail:


It is addressed to “Her Longness (Pirate Rachel) Ms Rrrrrrrrrrrrr…. Stevens” and it reads:

“Hey Blu Rae.  Here is a photo of ‘Happy Hr’ at the family reunion.  That’s me in the red hat (so Mom can find me).  WOW – This B&W photography is amazing, you should try it.  They said ‘NO JACKASSES’ & I thought that meant Arn’s side of the family (except Rob) but it was the animal.  Mom is mad at me because she told me to get a ‘Lazy Boy’ rocker & I came home w/ an Aussie guitar player.  He is still here & won’t leave.  Mom is getting pissed. I’m trying to teach him the ‘Keith riff’ but he is kinda thick.*  He needs to drink more coffee.  I keep telling him ‘Try to be like Keith’.



*I asked him if he had any assets & he thought I meant little donkeys.”

Oh, I really love my pops.

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