i just wanna dance.

Some things [in order from least awesome to most awesome]:

First of all, I’m not too proud that I get this song stuck in my head on the regular.  It’s a very teenie bopperish song… but I sing it to Bink.  Instead of “Hey boys and girls…”, I sing, “Hey Binky Girl”… and dance… oh, there’s dancing:

I also sing this song to Bink more often than she probably desires… it’s also not the best song in the world.  These folks stole some of my favorite sitting/standing dance moves and I LOVE it:

These guys are having a blast in this video, as they should be… because this song/video is actually awesome:

And this song is so great that it doesn’t even need a kickass video.  I LOVE this song… New favorite?  Probs.  I play this song so so much and dance a lot.  I have a feeling Bink is getting tired of it, but she hasn’t said anything yet…

Remember: Ice cream is gonna save the day.

Oh, also: It’s still Nic’s birthday!  Holler!  [this is at the end of the post cuz it’s the most awesome.]

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