choose my own adventure… err… dress.

finalscore[Well, that was helpful.  Just kidding… Thanks so much to all who participated in this very important decision.  I wore the yellow… I had to make a game day decision and all went well.  I think Jesus and the Easter Bunny were pleased.  I decided I need to utilize this decision-making tool more often.  Maybe for all aspects of my life: What should I have for lunch?  Where should I live when I come back to the states?  What should my profession be?  Who should I marry?  What should I name my dog?  There, of course, will be options for the choosing… I think this is a winner of an idea.]

Which dress should I wear for my first Oz Easter?

Mind you, both of these pictures are ridiculous for multiple reasons:

• So, the yellow dress is a bit see-through… ahh well, I think it can fly in Australia.

• Both pictures are obviously taken on my laptop… sad?  Mayhaps.

• The yellow dress had the advantage of a better picture setting… the sunlight, the greenery, etc.  The blue dress just looks like I’m chillin’ by myself in my room at night takin’ pictures of myself playing dress-up… which… I’m obviously not…….

• Jazz hands for the yellow?  A curtsy for the blue?  Oh man.

Alright, that’s enough… I can’t take my own ridiculousness.  So, without further ado:




Decision ’09.  Every vote counts.

12 thoughts on “choose my own adventure… err… dress.”

  1. The baby Jesus and his entourage of bunnies aren’t afraid of what you’ve got. I vote yellow.

  2. i say blue dress. like a devil, which is very appropriate for easter time.

    …because you’re always appropriate.

  3. i wore a very flowy yellow dress [with a slip… cuz i’m appropriate] that the bunny entourage LOVED and [thankfully] i was allowed to make left turns.


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