i miss dan long.

Dan Long is my Jackson Hole Best Friend*…  I don’t think that’s a shock to anyone.

the best looking faux couple jackson has ever seen.
the best looking faux couple jackson has ever seen.

Dan: I wish you posted more blog entries.

Rach: I’ve had a headache as of late.

Dan: I’m not asking for sex… just a blog post.

I’ll try, Dan Long… For you, I’ll try…

*But it was a close call because everyone I know in Jackson is awesome… wait, wait… no, everyone I KNOW is awesome.

7 thoughts on “i miss dan long.”

  1. thepattons: I completely agree. If I wasn’t on the list, I’d be crying. Especially if my name was Anna Davis, the oldest of the Davis sisters, who now know she’s at least Third on the Davis hierarchy.

  2. no hard feelings from me rachel.
    i’ll gladly take a shout-out on a list of best friends…that has to count for something right?
    i was the best master you ever had though.

  3. plus be honest everyone…would any of you actually put rachel on your list of best friends? probably not.

    OH SNAP!

    love you rachel…

  4. I miss you too Rach. As does the creek. And Bronto. I did feel like the slow kid repeatedly clicking on that link though… Too late I guess.

    I look forward to an awesome backlog of posts when I get back, so don’t feel like you need to rush.

    laaaaaaaaaav you


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