magic presents.

Coincidence (?) Package #1:

Almost a month ago, I was at the Bondi market with a friend.  She asked…

– Okay, should I look out for anything for you while we’re shopping?

– Yeah, actually… I’m looking for the perfect necklace.

– Alright…. What does the perfect necklace look like?

– Well, I’m not sure exactly yet, but it will be goldish/bronzish, on a short chain and have some kind of circle medallion on it.

– Got it.  I’ll keep an eye out.

We didn’t find it.  My search continued.  I even mentioned this “perfect necklace” in this blog post.

Three days later, I get a random package in the mail from my fabulous friend, Lisa.  Her note read something along the lines of, “I saw this and thought that you had to have it.  It reminded me of your family.”

The package contained this:

the perfect necklace.
the perfect necklace.

Crazy.  I could not believe it.  It’s perfect!  With a buffalo nickel on it!  I was pretty much raised by buffalo… ask Sheena.  My dad does a lot of buffalo art… so this necklace really does mean so much to me.  And the fact that Lisa, my most precious friend, gave it to me and just KNEW… crazy.

Coincidence (?) Package #2:

Before coming to Australia, I purchased a copy of The Little Prince.  I LOVE the book, but I borrowed a friend’s of mine all through college when I read it and now it was time to get my own copy since I was adventuring across the world.  It came from Amazon and I just didn’t really take to the copy.  The book had a blue cover and it was all shiny and new… I don’t know how to explain it… I just didn’t feel close to the book [I know that sounds crazy].

Anywho, I was talking to my friend, Mark, a couple weekends ago and he told me he had never read The Little Prince.

– What?!  Oh, well you have to…

Mark has a 6 year-old son named Jack.  I watched Jack and his little brother last weekend.  It was pretty evident to me that I should give the book to Jack.  That way, he AND his dad can read it… perfect!  So, about four days ago, I gave The Little Prince to Jack and had a mutual break-up with the book.

Today, the postman knocked on the door and handed me a package.  I expected it to be from my dad [he told me to be looking out for something], but no, it was from my friend Katrina!  [Katrina used to live in my crawlspace and is a wonderful, wonderful friend… who make a tikka masala that knows no match.]  The package was incredible:

• Two packages of gummy bears.  [one of which i’ve already finished.]

• A box of Annie’s Mac & Cheese.  [i’ve NEVER been so excited to see mac & cheese… and that’s saying a lot.]

• A vintage poster of the Tetons that will forever hang from my walls.  [it’s amazing.]

• A sweet postcard.

• A magazine with the Obamas on the cover.

• An amazing plastic stegosaurus toy.

• And this:

le petit prince.
le petit prince.

I couldn’t believe it.  It’s perfect!  It’s warm, worn and has an inscription by K$ herself.  I love it!  It blows me away how perfect it is.

Are these coincidences?  Are my friends THAT in tune?  I don’t think these are coincidences… but do I really think that some higher power cares enough about my little gifts?  I’m not quite sure what to think of all of it… but I know I’m so grateful for friends like that and happenings like these.

Hilarious Package #1:

I’m just sitting here, typing on my computer, when a delivery comes to the door and I’m like, “Okay, this is from my dad.”  Nope.  It’s from my Aunt Judy.  No note, no card, just a bag of Clinique make-up.  So, apparently, I’m 6 years-old* because I instantly played dress-up and put ALL the make-up on.  That’s right… ALL of it… that means THREE different kinds of mascara [doubling black, doubling brown and lengthening black], along with much, much more.

all made up!
all made up!

That picture does no justice to just how bright pink my lips are.  What do you think?  Should I cruise around in my Gramicci shorts and T-shirts with a face like that on?  Haha… I love it.  Thanks Aunt Judy.

*I really am 6.  Last week, I woke up from a real bad dream and got up to go get in my parents bed.  I got to the door in my bedroom before I realized: a] I don’t live with my parents, b] it was just a dream… there is no murderer coming to find me hiding in my closet and c] I’m actually 23 years-old.

3 thoughts on “magic presents.”

  1. Hooray! I’m so glad it made it in one piece. The post office made me fill out a bajillion forms, and I was afraid for it. Thanks for the shout-out. That is a crazy auspicious coincidence about The Little Prince. The universe is incredible.

  2. I am reluctant to send you anything because your parents are cooler than me. And there arent any cool posters of austin. maybe ill make a poster of my prego belly.

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