do you have a dollar?

About a month ago, I saw Jason Mraz here in Sydney.  He was marvelous.  A girl I’d never even heard of opened for him.  Lisa Mitchell.  She was on Australian Idol… yeah, I didnt know they had it either… copy cats.  Anywho, now I’m obsessed with this song…

[Oh, p.s. this isn’t a video, it’s just the song with some photo… so click it and then go about doing something else on the interwebs… that’s right, this is your first Mulitaskmaster Lesson.]

The song’s about meeting someone at the laundry mat… which is so simple and silly, but I love it.  “Hello?  Do you have a dollar?  Do you have a dollar for me?  Have you got a little log house a [??… I sing “lamlot”] tree.  Do you have a reason, a reason for me?  Can I be the girl that you met in the coin laundry?”

And I think she’s purdy.

see? purdy.
see? purdy.

4 thoughts on “do you have a dollar?”

  1. I love this song! I thank you for having partial lyrics, no one else has anything on her and YouTube is misbehaving…oh how I wish I could listen to it right now!
    She is singing ‘lemon tree’ by the way. ;o)

  2. ;DD!!!
    I love this song ^_^ i wouldn’t of found it if it weren’t for this page.

  3. “Australian Idol… yeah, I didnt know they had it either… copy cats.”

    Just so you know America ripped off England for Idol, so no one copied you, you guys didn’t even get your own judge you just shipped Simon Cowell in after he did the English version…

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