i’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life.

I heard a song this morning and it took me back to a glorious Yosemite morning…

All packed up, Nic and I headed to his truck to drive to our climb.  Walking down the path, Nic realized we forgot our food…

– Oh crap, we forgot our food.

– It’s fine… I’ll run up and grab it from the kitchen and meet you at your truck.

– Okay, cool.

I ran back up the path towards our community kitchen before I was intercepted by a very concerned Dillon, leaving the kitchen…

– Rachel, I need your help!  It’s urgent… Come with me.

As he grabbed my arm and led me to his tent, entering, grabbing his iPod, heading back to the kitchen, I pleaded with him…

– Dillon, I can’t!  I have to meet Nic!  He’s waiting for me!

– Rachel, this girl in the kitchen has never heard of Phil Collins.

– What?!  Who is this girl??

– I don’t know… Didn’t get her name… But you gotta help me show her Phil Collins the right way.

– I completely agree.

– Let’s do this.

Dillon hooked up his iPod to the speakers and clicked it around until…

That’s right.  In the Air Tonight.  It’s starts off pretty slow and the group sitting at the table [including the Phil Collins virgin] is slightly amused/confused.  Dillon and I start our amazing interpretive dance… Swaying back and forth, leaping, making strong eye contact with our best “this is serious” face… It was amazing…

“Well the hurt doesn’t show, but the pain still grows
It’s no stranger to you and me…”

Then the drums!  Oh the drums…  And we’re really moving now.  Power stances with some great fist-pumping, open handed pushing [hard to describe], rhythmic headbanging, leaping, spinning… It was magic.  We were jumping on the chairs, fist-pumping on the tables… We were a great team.  And the girl was loving it… I could tell she had just fallen in love with Phil Collins… Who couldn’t after a performance like that?

The song ended and I promptly grabbed our food from the kitchen and ran out the door.

– Bye guys!  Gotta run!  Thanks for that!

– Thank you, Rach!  See you later!

I walked down the path to find Nic in his truck, waiting for me.

– Hey, sorry.

– What took you so long?

– Dillon needed me for a Phil Collins interpretive dance.

– Oh.  Of course.

2 thoughts on “i’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life.”

  1. You’ve done a good thing…Phil,”Why so serious?”. I like how he just stares you down while you listen to the song. Better than a video..

  2. stever: i totally agree. why so serious?? well, it is a very serious song. i know that i only make serious faces when listening/dancing to it.

    glad you liked the video. everybody needs a little phil stare-down in their life.

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