[love it.]

tea by lindsey yankey.
tea by lindsey yankey.

Every once in a while a friend truly wows you with their talent.  I can’t get over how much I love Lindsey’s work.  Check it out: http://www.lindseyyankey.wordpress.com

A lot of her work was inspired by The Little Prince.  This passage [well, and other excerpts coupled with it] once made me cry…

rose by lindsey yankey.
rose by lindsey yankey.

[love it.]

My friend, Ashely, posted this and I had to yank it:

It is beautiful and such a great song.  Thanks Ash.

[love it.]

Last night I went to an event called “International Voices” at The Sydney Writer’s Festival.  I’m not going to lie, I was not very inspired… sorry.  But one man read an excerpt from his book that stuck with me.  He talked about his character and how he played football and knew football and when he was playing football, that’s when he loved himself the most”

I’m trying to figure out when I love myself the most…


5 thoughts on “[love it.]”

  1. OKay, embeding this for multiple reasons:

    1) Have you heard this song?
    2) Have you seen this choreographer?
    a) I think that she knows what dance is about. And I love love this song
    3) this is one of the “love myself the most” moments. Sadly Emily Shock is not a teacher of mine. But I dance like this in my room when I need a therapy session.

  2. “dark, Gothic Neil Diamond.”

    I watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall tonight, mainly because you said it was one of your favorites.

    and I howled.


  3. kate: impressive. i can only do “do-what-ya-body-tells-ya” dancing and, let me tell you, it isn’t pretty. i hope you’re keeping it up! as i remember, you are quite the amazing dancer.

    js: “that’s like, exactly what i’m going for.” YES! i’m so glad you liked it! i swear it gets funnier with each watch. i never thought i’d like it so much, but i LOVE it and quote it all the time.

    “oh, the weather outside is weather.”

    momma: thanks! i have good genes.

  4. The piece you commissioned for her to do for Nic was pretty much the coolest thing I have seen in a while.

    While I don’t know her, I’d commission her to paint my kid’s room (well, you know… given a lot of eventualities).

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