The girl with many names… that’s me.  I don’t know how I’ve accumulated so many nicknames, but there are quite a few:

Ray Ray [and the plethora of variations: Aunt Ray, Nanny Ray, etc.]
Intern Seethens
Our Little Miss
The Unhealer
Chet Snevets
[please feel free to remind me of any others.]

…and then Badooder.  Badooder is my oldest, and most ridiculous, nickname.  My dad calls me it… usually only when I mess up the name of a band or forget something somewhere, “Badooder!  C’mon.”  Anywho, it was always real unclear where I got the name from, so I asked my dad and got this email:

“Mom did not recall how you came about the name ‘Badooder’, but after we talked we were able to fill in the gaps.  We had planned a trip to Europe when Mom found out she was pregnant.  We were planning to cancel when she got the OK from the Doctor to travel at that trimester.  The price of the trip went up dramatically just before we left and we almost canceled again. We went for it anyway.  Your name came about from the fact that we did not know if you were going to be a boy or a girl, (still don’t, sorry, couldn’t resist, I guess I’m still upset about Neil Diamond), so one day in Amsterdam we took a train trip out to the windmills in this little town.  There was hardly anyone there because this was in Feb. It was cold & a little rainy but we started calling the place ‘Badooderville’.  It was your European road trip.  What happens if you drink too much Heineken in Holland?  European!  For lack of a name for you, we started calling you Badooder.  We were walking back into town to the train when we had to wait at a small drawbridge for a boat passing.  At the bridge also was 10 or 12 schoolchildren just being kids.  I remember it distinctly.  I bought postcards of that place and saved them forever.  Guess what, I have been looking/obsessing for them for 2 hrs and can’t find them to send you one.  I may have sent 1 to you or Sarah, hang onto it, its the source of that name.

Love Ya and the way you write, & miss you always. Daddy”
[it made me cry.]

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