this found happiness throughout.

We’ve been here before: You and I. You: Sitting at your computer with five other tabs open, keeping up with the Joneses and that tall girl in Australia. Lost again. Moving. Again. Me: Moving. Again. Leaving another nannying family tomorrow morning. Ready to get out.

Usually, this would call for some Last-Day-Kitchen-Dancing. And let me tell you, my soul feels like dancing. Dancing on the roof tops like CRAZY! Doing what my body tells me… letting the joy, love, excitement burst out of my limbs in the most ridiculous ways. Like in my new favorite song/video:

Man. So great. Thanks to Casey for that one.

But [sadly] no dancing for me tonight. My body has been overtaken by a sickness of the head and throat. I had trouble packing and moving all my stuff around because of my light-headedness. I know this is brought on by stress and, well, the fact that my boss is sick too… awesome, no, yeah, thanks for that too.

But sitting in the garage, sorting everything out, listening to songs sent by loved ones and looking at my life in boxes [again], I became overwhelmed with the happiness of it all. The brokenness, the love, the hope, the positive, the love, yes, the good, yes and yes! I want to remember everything about this experience, this move, this found happiness throughout.

So, no kitchen dancing photos for you all… Don’t worry, another time.  But tonight, I dedicate a simple, genuine smile to all of you. Me: In a dark garage, sitting next to my life in boxes, about to make another move, feeling exhausted, finding joy, love, greatness and so ecstatic about it all.

so so excited!
for you. it's not much... but it's everything.

[p.s. I’m calling it right now. The band, Passion Pit, will do to this summer what MGMT did to last summer… Take it by storm.]

[p.p.s. That’s right SUMMER. Screw this first week of winter crap in Australia. I’m going back to America, where we’ve got our seasons straight.]

9 thoughts on “this found happiness throughout.”

  1. gurl, it’s cool that you’re not dancing. these folks are doing enough for you.

  2. dude. so lucky. that literally means you will have had 3 summers in a row – american summer in august 08, australian summer in jan 09 and american summer in august 09. I ENVY YOU.

    we must catch up before you leave the country. let me know, k?

  3. oh my goodness Dabz, that is the best YouTube video I think I have ever seen. I want to be one of those people real bad.

  4. casey [and sheena?]: woohoo, indeed.

    abs: YOU make me happy. seriously. i’m saving that baby bottle pop for a VERY special day.

    cyndi: i know… i’m pretty psyched to be going back to summer.

    dabz, britt:

    have you ladies seen this? cuz it should change your life.

    an unbelievable amount of love,

  5. britt: yeah. forealz.

    i have seen that. it warmed my heart. srrsly.

    but “do re mi” holds an extra special place in my heart.

    also, can you do the “six degrees of kevin bacon” between that clip and your blahg? i can.

  6. wait, dabs… starting with that clip and ending with my blahg? i’m confused. does it involve other people’s blahgs? cuz then i’m less confused…

  7. sorry. i didn’t make that fully clear. i meant the “do re mi” clip. and it has nothing to do with kevin bacon. only the game. and it certainly doesn’t take seven degrees.

    here we go:
    “do re mi” was sung by julie andrews in the sound of music.
    julie andrews also played mary poppins.
    you are like mary poppins. but with more curse words. and fashion glasses.

    ta da!

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