things i do not recommend…

this movie:

it’s called Tulpan… and it’s the Most Boring Movie 2009.

seeing/hearing passion pit in concert:

don’t get me wrong, i LOVE passion pit… i do… but can we agree that this podcast is lacking?  is it just me?  or is it horrid?  i vote “just horrid.”  sorry.

having children:

i’m just leaving that one at that.

10 thoughts on “things i do not recommend…”

  1. i think that most podcasts can’t measure up to the real thing because of the logistics. i just closed my eyes and imagined being there enjoying the show!

  2. haha… okay, i’ll clarify. this was the scene last night:

    [after a VERY long day with many meltdowns by the boys, mark, tamsin and i sat down to relax…]

    Mark: Rach, what are you doing?

    Me: I’m putting up a post real fast.

    Mark: What of?

    Me: Things I do NOT recommend.

    Mark: Is “having children” one of them?

    Me: Ha… It is now.



    did you like this podcast? i really could not get into it…


    i would approve of adoption… very much so… though i do plan to make superchildren one day…


    let’s be honest… you have ONE awesome kid… sarah and i are a smidgen above average.


    yeah… don’t know what to tell ya… just kidding. it will be great… cannot WAIT to meet dylan! not too long before his big debut…


  3. [MINI POST]

    Things I DO Recommend:

    1. this song:

    2. making the cute barista laugh by saying, “Ummm… Okay, I just want what I had before: Another cupcake and another flat white with one sugar. Don’t make fun of me.”

    3. taking advice from three-year-olds.

    4. if you ever find them, these colas:

    5. this movie. wow. maybe the best movie i’ve seen this year… aboriginal australians… powerful. yes.

    there ye be.

  4. Maybe I should have told you this before, but did I ever tell you the story about this close friend of mine that one of his three kids was left on his doorstep in an old straw clothes basket, (try finding one of those), anyway this close friend & wife had it all figured out. They weren’t about to have any children & ruin their bright future, that would be crazy. Then one night someone rang the doorbell & when my close friend opened the door, there was this cute bundle with a lost puppy look in her eyes, and being the softy that he is, he didn’t call child services but rather asked his lovely wife if she wanted to keep her. She said ‘I guess so, she is kind of cute but do you think she is house trained (she wasn’t) but they made a go of it. They also decided that this ‘package of determination’ needed some playmates or chaperones, whatever, so they had 2 more kids. I think they made the right decision, but its hard to tell sometimes. That ‘driving the car thing’ is one that made them wonder. In spite of it all, I know they think they made the right decision$. On behalf of my ‘close friend’, love BadDad

  5. daddy,

    tell your close friend that i’m sure he made the right decision… although, maybe not the right deci$ion. hopefully all went well enough for him and he figured out how to get that cute bundle to stop pooping in the dog bowl…

    love you so so much,
    the package of determination.

  6. Just when I told you that story, my close friend actually found ‘that old straw clothesbasket’. They are going to put it on ebay because they don’t make ’em like that anymore.

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