for the moment.

oh, well damn.  go watch this:

Let me elaborate.

This song.  Wow.  This song.

First of all, I love it… lots.  I love the music, the vocals, the lyrics, it all.

Secondly, the moment I hear it, I am taken back to a certain moment in time.  And it’s silly, you’re going to roll your eyes at me, but I’m taken back to a bar… a bar in Jackson… 43 North.  One of the sketchiest bars in Jackson that always seems to have a cover.  [I pride myself on never paying a cover at 43… but that’s a whole nother story.]

When I hear this song, it brings me back to dacing and smiling so big in 43 North with a bearded boy who I thought was just about the hottest thing in the whole world [for a whole 15 minutes] and thinking to myself, “How nice… a guy who is a really good dancer!  My parents would be so proud.  And this is SUCH a good song!  And I LOVE dancing!”

It was so simple, but it was so joyous.  And this song [this sad song] makes me think of that night… those three minutes… dancing… smiling… good times.

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