If you don’t know Dabney West, you should.


And if you do know her, you should wish her a happy birthday!

Let me tell you a story about Dabney and birthdays.

I had bought a Sesame Street balloon for a friend’s belated birthday celebration and was riding around town with it.  Talk about annoying.  The thing just wanted to be let free… it was driving me crazy.  So, when I almost ran my bike into Dabney’s car, I actually got excited..

– Hey!

– Hey!  Awesome!  Here, you take this balloon!  It’s for Anna!

– Okay!

Then Dabney throws the balloon in the backseat but the back windows are down!  So the balloon starts flying out the window and I’m running [while still standing on my bike] to catch the balloon and I just barely snag it!

– Ahhh!!  Watch out!  Your windows are down!  I got it!

– Ahhh!!  Sorry!  I gotta go, a car’s coming!  I’ll pick you up later!

And then we parted ways.  I was laughing pretty hard at the random, hilarious run-in we had.  Later, in the car, whilst getting the birthday package together, we recounted how funny our earlier interaction was.

– Oh my gosh, that was one of the funnier run-ins I’ve ever had.

– Yes, I agree.  Man.  Hey, hold on to that balloon, the windows are down.

– Oh, I will.  We should figure out who’s who in our group of friends in this Sesame Street gang.

And so we did just that.  We went through all of them and figured out who would be who… we were real excited to tell Anna that she would, obviously, be Count Dracula.  Then we’re literally about thirty seconds from the park where we’re supposed to surprise our friend, when I decide that I want to tie the balloon to her gift bag.

– Hey, I’m just gonna tie this balloon on– [blllblllblblllbllll]

My fingers let up for a second and the balloon SHOT out of the window.  I was shocked and whipped my head out the window to see it flying upward.  There were no words… only belly-aching, crying laughter for about a good minute.  It all happened so fast!  And then our amazing Sesame Street gang, who we had already saved once that day, was gone…

p.s. If you didn’t figure it out “blllblllblblllbllll” is the sound a balloon makes when it flies out of a moving car.

Oh man.  Anywho… HAPPY BIRTHDAY DABZ!!  Thanks for an always good time.  You rule.

And I’ve posted this before, but it’s one of my favorite favorites and it involves balloons.:


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