we’re not drawing!

Man, I heard a song on KHOL yesterday and was like, “Wow, I love this song… I’m gonna share it” and then I totally forgot what it was.  Shwoops.  It was good though… rest assured.

So, I have too many jobs now.  Random jobs have me running around working from 8am-11pm [like yesterday] and it’s all a little overwhelming.  I looked at my Google calendar and figured out I don’t have a day off until July 5th… dahhhh.  But this is the price you pay to make something work, I guess.  Things that you really want to work, take work.  Sure, sometimes you get the serendipitous dropped-in-your-lap job, house, love, car, friends, gig, but sometimes [these times] you don’t.  And then it’s time to get crackin’.

I babysat for my new favorite three-year-old last night, Beckett.  I’ll be babysitting for him regularly now.  He is a-dor-able… and hilarious.  [this next story might be too much for some to handle.]  So last night, Beckett and I were in the backyard playing with the dogs when Beckett got a very worried look on his face and DARTED back in the house yelling, “I gotta poop!”  That, in itself, was hilarious/precious enough.

But then I walk in the house and hear Beckett yell…

– Raaaachel!  I need you!

So I walk over to the bathroom [a small half bathroom] and am a little concerned because the light was off…

– Beckett… you okay?

– Can you turn the light on?

[p.s. please note that he is grunting when speaking.]

– Yeah, sure buddy.

I turn the light on.

– I need you in here.

– You need me to wipe?

– No, I just need you in here.

– Okay.

– I need you to sit down.

– Ummmm…

This is a really small bathroom we’re talking about here.  And the only thing to sit on is a step-stool that Beckett uses to wash his hands.

– Beckett, there’s really no place to sit.

– Please.  Please… I need you here.

He was precious… I couldn’t argue with him.  So, then we’re sitting, knees to knees… looking at each other… he’s still pooping… I’m laughing at my life… we’re having a moment… a very. weird. moment.  Then he says…

– Can you shut the door?

– Absolutely not.

– Pleeeease… I need you to shut the door.

– No, Beckett… That is where I draw the line.

– We’re not drawing!  We’re pooping!

I about died laughing.

3 thoughts on “we’re not drawing!”

  1. Awesome! reminds me of Sophie, the girl I watch. She won’t sit on the potty chair unless I’m using the big toilet at the same time. And then the big yellow lab comes and joins the party…in the tiny half bathroom. I’m telling you, half bathrooms are not made for families with children. At all.

  2. was the song by a band called “fever ray”? i heard a tune of their’s and tried my hardest to remember the song…but all i got is the artist. not bad.

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