tryin’ to rock it.

This is some me and some friends in Yosemite.

liz, rambo, anna, me.
liz, rambo, anna, me.

Take note of my outfit.  That is my favorite favorite shirt.

Yesterday, I wore my favorite shirt.

In a hurry, running from one job to another, I threw my computer bag over my shoulder and walked towards the office.  I saw a guy standing outside the door a ways and thought to myself, “Wow, that is one beautiful guy..”  And then the guy saw me and definitely was looking at me… then he kept looking.  Me, the girl who falls in love with anyone who makes eye-contact, was giddy.  I smiled at him, looked away, looked back, he was still looking!  Here I am thinking, “I still got it.”

Then I walk into the office and sit down in the chair next to my co-worker, Elliot.

– Hey Elliot.  How are you?

[he turns his chair around.]

– Hi Rachel.  I’m good.

– Did you hear the bad news?

– You’re leaving us?

– Yeah, the News & Guide offered me a full time job… with benefits… so I think I’m gonna take that.

– You gotta do what you gotta do… but that does suck, you’re a pretty cool chick.

– Oh thanks!  I really like you guys too!  I’m sad to leave.

We talked like this for about five minutes, before my phone rang.

– Sorry, hold on Elliot.

I turned around, picked up the phone and began to talk to the renter I was trying to get a place from.  But then I became absurdly flustered when I looked down… my shirt [my favorite shirt… see above] had somehow become unbuttoned all the way down below my bra!  My shirt was WIDE open… showing bra, chest, a lot… showing way more than is appropriate.  I quickly buttoned up my shirt and hurried the conversation.

– Yes… okay…. thank you… have a good one… bye!  [hang up]  ELLIOT!  Why didn’t you tell me that my shirt was wide open and you could see my whole chest?!  Oh my gosh!  This guy outside was staring at me and I was thinking “Man, I’m hot shit” and he was thinking, “Score!  Free peep show!”  Oh my gosh.  Elliot!  Why didn’t you tell me?!?

– I thought you were tryin’ to rock it.

2 thoughts on “tryin’ to rock it.”

  1. You think we would believe a girl nick names “no pants Rachel”, would “accidently” leave her shirt unbuttoned. I think not, Hoochie!

    Hey congrats on the job, that is awesome! What are you going to be doing there? When do you start?

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