a pretty devastating five minutes.

My life just can’t cut it out with the huge changes… which is fine.  I think I’ve learned how to roll with ’em pretty well.

Here’s a conversation I had yesterday with a woman at work… in the hallway…

– So, what time should I come in tomorrow to train?

– Well, Kevin said that we’re trying to cut budget and he decided not to take on another person for this position.

– Are you kidding me?

– We’re just going to see how it goes for a couple weeks without hiring and see if we can get through the summer.

– You’re de-hiring me??  You do know that I turned down another full time job for this position.

– Well, call them and see if you can get it back.

[WTF stares from me.]

– Call them.

I’m not going to say much more on the topic about the Jackson Hole News & Guide, but let me say that they all but begged me to help them out in the Art Department as soon as I got back from Australia… AS SOON.  So, the day after I got back to the States, I was jet-lagged outta my mind but up in time to get to work at 8am for these people… lovely people… I do love all the people that I got to work with.  That’s all I’m going to say about that.

So, then I’m crying… well… almost crying… I had to hold it together to make a phone call first…

– Hi, Erin?  This is Rachel Stevens.

– Oh, hi.

– Hi.  Hey… This might be the most awkward conversation ever, but remember the Community Assistant job I turned down last week?  Have you found someone for that position?

– Ummm… Nope, not yet.

– Well, I decided I’d actually really like to accept the position if you’d have me.

– Ummm… Well… I’ll have to get back to you on that…

We hang up and then I’m crying.  Just very confused and upset…. thinking things like, “Seriously? C’mon world, gimme a break.”

And then I find myself walking around Albertsons minutes later with two of my best friends from work.  They’re comforting me, I’m kinda freaking out, we’re looking for something to buy to excuse our excursion…

– I just don’t know what I’m going to do!  I just signed a lease!  I have to pay rent next month!

– You’ll find something.  Don’t worry.  It will all be okay.

– Oh, hold on.  My phone is ringing…. Hello?

– Hi, Rachel?

– Yes?

– It’s Erin from Community Entry Services.  We’d like to re-offer you the Community Assistant position.  Could you come in tomorrow?

– Yeah, sure!  Thanks so much!

– No problem.  We’re glad to have you.  See you tomorrow!

We hang up and then I turn back to my friends…

– Never mind.  I just got another full time job with benefits.

– Are you serious?  Where?

– CES… They work with people with disabilities around the community.

– That’s awesome.

– Yeah, thanks!  …….Well, that was a pretty devastating five minutes.

3 thoughts on “a pretty devastating five minutes.”

  1. So now you have to turn down that other job for a second time? That is funny!
    Im glad it worked out. Obvisouly you werent suppose to work at the other job. And hopefully this one pays more.

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