okay, recession… cut it out.

Can we all agree that this damn recession is affecting us in ways we did not foresee and equally do not appreciate?

Like the lack of interesting blahgs.  Seriously.  Okay, so everyone became unemployed and/or bored around March of 2009 and the blahgs were booming and everyone was having a hay day, running amok from url to url, loving the life of online entertainment.  Now?  Nothing.  Everything is boring.  And, I mean, I can’t say anything cuz I’ve been quite boring and/or uninspiring, but c’mon… every time I come to the interwebs these days, all I can think is, “Wow, the internet is boring.”  This is my challenge for you: Be interesting… preferably funny.

But even the streets of Jackson in mid-summer have gone boring.  Seriously.  I mean, I know that everyone’s trying to save money [and God knows I should be as well] but seriously, it’s JULY in JACKSON HOLE… shouldn’t we all be stripping off our clothes in mid-dance move cuz we’re so psyched on life?  There have been two full weeks of the most beautiful days I’ve ever seen [back to back to back, etc.] and we’re all still sulking around.

Sorry… It’s late… I’m venting.  I just got back from The Rancher [an infamously rowdy bar in JHole] and it was sadly mild.  And this wouldn’t be a factor in venting except that it follows a super lame Bluegrass Tuesday, after a ridiculously slow First Friday.  C’mon Jackson!  It’s time to rally.

Who’s with me?  No one?  Well damn.

inspiration? mehdunno.
inspiration? mehdunno.

I found another photo of a girl driving… which I really like… I’m not sorry.  I think this photo is great… hopefully it inspires you to inspire me.  Goodnight.

4 thoughts on “okay, recession… cut it out.”

  1. oh casey, i love you and do love your entertainment.
    don’t give up!
    p.s. sorry i never replied to [or posted] your last “song of the week”. gimme a new one! i need new music in my life.

    and i love all yall’s blahgs… sorry… this was a late night [couple drinks deep] post.

  2. Yeah, really. I have tried to post every day. With no comments, though! And, admittedly, I’m at a loss for what to post today, for my days revolve around an eight-month-old. Sometimes, I throw a dog and cat in there. Mostly, coffee and baby. I could write about how many things I can carry while also carrying the baby. Or how many kids songs I sing on Repeat every day. Or, how good I am at loading fancy dishwashers. … I don’t know how my parents did it with three. … I guess that’s why the mommy blogs are so hot right now. It’s all I think about and I’m just a babysitter. Boring, fo sho.

    Maybe I’ll start writing about my dreams. I can be wild there. …

  3. i have always wondered if people would be impressed by how many things i can carry whilst holding a baby. i think we should start an olympic event.

    keep on keepin’ on… sorry to be debbie downer… i love you all.

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