hate to break it to ya, gramps.

We pulled up to one of our favorite coffee shops, but I told Anna…

– I’m pretty sure they’re not open yet.

– No, they are.

– Okay, the “Open” light’s not on.

[we check the sign.]

– 7:30??  What a dumb time to open a coffee shop.

– I told you they weren’t open yet.

– Well, it’s cold, let’s drive around and see if we can find some garage sales.

– Done.

We drove around and, much to our delight, what looked like a rockin’ garage sale was only blocks away.  Anna was already eying the merchandise…

– Oh man, I’m totally buying that cruiser bike.

– This looks like it could be a good one.

A lovely older woman was in the yard organizing things and generally getting the garage saling ready for business.  We said our friendly “good morning”s but the woman made no eye contact and said…

– We’re not open yet.  We open at 8.

– Oh, no that’s fine… We’re just looking around a bit.

Kinda awkward.  Anna did really want that bike and I was already drooling at the prospect of some sweet new clothes and maybe some home furnishings, but this woman all the sudden seemed real cold.  So, we just kinda mill around, slowly heading back to the car… taking our sweet time.  Then this woman’s crotchety [assumed] husband comes out and all but shoos us with a cane…

– Hey!  Get out of here!  We’re not open yet!

– Okay, okay… Sorry… We’re leaving.

Then hot-steppin’ it back to the car, a little baffled and upset, Anna turns to me and says…

Not open yet?? Hate to break it to ya, Gramps, but you’re not a real store… you’re just somebody with all your shit in your yard.

[favorite garage sale quote ever.]

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