I don’t think I’ll be able to make eggs any time soon.  You know how you crack the egg and then the yellow of the yolk falls into the pan and then you swoosh it all up to make scrambled eggs?  Well, that yellowness is what your stomach bile looks like when you throw it up with nothing in your stomach… like I did… about eight times last night…

So, apparently, I’m sick… which sucks.  It was a rough night.

But sickness is made so much better when you have awesome buddies to bring you things and make you miss mom less.

love actually, bye bye birdie, ace of cakes, captain ron, flight of the conchords, saltines and gatorade... and the sicky.
love actually, bye bye birdie, ace of cakes, captain ron, flight of the conchords, saltines and gatorade... and the sicky.

Okay, I’m going to watch Captain Ron [an old Stevens family favorite] and probably fall asleep.  Love to you all… hope you didn’t catch anything reading this.

7 thoughts on “sick.”

  1. i’m glad you’re drinking your electrolytes.

    (i forgot to tell you earlier, but that’s one of my very favorite words. electrolyte! E-LEC-TRO-LYTE! — it just sounds so fun. if i had to make a superhero name for myself right now, it would probably be THE DYNAMIC ELECTROLYTE! sounds pretty BA, huh?)

  2. first i read you threw up 10 times. now it’s 8. i think you’re lying because you can’t keep your story straight. i mean, i get it… you really like captain ron. but pretending you’re sick so you can watch it… it’s probably because you can kinda see a naked woman when they’re taking a shower. oh, rachel. grow up.

  3. oh casey… if you would have read clearly, you would see that the throwing up EIGHT times i’m referring to here, is throwing up eight times WITHOUT food in your stomach. there were those two [maybe three] times that i actually threw food up… and then just egg-yolk-like stomach bile for the next eightish times… and yes, it is all hard to recollect… i think i stopped counting after six. whatever, i get to watch captain ron.

  4. My question is how did you get Bekah to come all the way up to Jackson Hole to bring you stuff? And how much did you have to pay her this time.

  5. my superhero name would be THE DYNOMYTE ELECTROLYTE!(just in case i’m invited to play) So glad you are better now,babe.

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