that’s just the way it is.

I’m better now.  Well, not sick… that is.  And better all around, actually… yes and yes!  Getting settled.  I own a bed now… I’m sitting on it right now… holler!

[earlier tonight… as Dan and I are parting ways after my soccer game…]

Dan:  Well, call me if you wanna do something later.
Me:  You could come over and check out my new bed!
Dan:  Are you trying to hit on me?
Me:  [haha]  Maybe…

[i turn around and there’s a guy standing there, giving me the “giggidy-giggidy” smile/nod..]

Grins:  That’s awesome.

I became flustered and just laughed.

Life’s been good lately… busy.  Workin’ hard, playin’ hard… wish I were playing harder.

Art fairs, art shows, friends, bikes, books, runs, chicken fry, movies, laughs, food, soccer, work.  That’s been life lately.  And all that’s busy and beautiful in it’s own, but the true, pure, concentrated joy is in the simple things… the moments of preciousness… moments….

This weekend I was at a local thrift store browsing for buys that I had to have.  I was by my lonesome, checking out clothes and people watching a bit, when all the sudden a different song came on the radio playing in the store… it was Bruce Hornsby’s “The Way It Is”.  [the piano beginning… so great.] I immediately went into a funny stream of thought…

Man, I love this song.
I really hope it’s the 2Pac version.
Do I have that song on my computer?
I might have to download it when I get home.
Wait, nope… definitely not the 2Pac version.
Oh well, still great.

And then I saw one of the most precious things I may have ever seen.  I turned and saw a very old man, no taller than 5 foot even, facing the wall, checking out shoes, just busts into dance.  I kid you not.  It was the cutest little old man dance I have ever seen.  His heels planted, but his groovin’ body tappin’ back and forth… it was amazing.  It didn’t last too long, only seconds, but it definitely happened and it was definitely incredible.  It was a moment.  He didn’t even turn around to see if anyone was watching him, if anyone saw… but I saw… and could not stop smiling.  It melted my heart.


[here’s the 2pac version… because i’ve been craving it.  and because i vividly remember watching this as a middle schooler and thinking, “Man, I wish I knew 2Pac better when he was alive”… which i think is a very funny thought.]

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