what love looks like.


So, yesterday I remembered I had a blahg… which means I had forgotten.  Swhoops.  I feel like I’ll get back into it… I’ll be inspired… be creative… via screen… soon.  There’s so much I wanna do with this site… it needs work.  But, then again, my life needs work.  I guess I’ll start with life and then some of it will hopefully spill over to screen.

Whatevs, I always say that life is what happens when you’re blahgging.  And life has been happening.  It’s been busy, fast, hilarious, ridiculous and as beautiful as ever.

I must refer you to a lovely’s website… just to check out an amazing picture from our dancin’ good times last night.

The simple things.  The dances.  The love.

Last night, at the outdoor community concert, I kept looking around in amazement thinking, “This is what love looks like.”  Children dancing.  Parents dancing in the most ridiculous manner with their children and not caring at all how they look.  Friends smiling and dancing absurdly, just because they can do that with each other.  Couples with a powerful love between them… the kind you can just see.  A love for a community.  A love for music.  A love for friends.  A love for life.  It’s swelling up inside me and it feels great.

So much more going on in life too.  Simple things in mine… but HUGE things in others’.

Brittnee, a long-time love, had a BABY…. like a child… like she made a human.  His name is Dylan and, though I haven’t met him yet, I know he’s freaking awesome.  Congrats, Brittnee and Robert!

Whaley’s moving to LA.

Danna bought a house.

Char got a dog.

Sarah [the little seester] is about to turn 22.

Lisa’s in London.

And all I gots going on is this here cup of coffee.  [love it.]

1 thought on “what love looks like.”

  1. You have a LOT more going on than a cup of coffee, like the discovery of a LIFELONG vocation that you’re really amazing at, for one. And the reminder that doing what your body tells you with friends (with kids running all around) is the closest to heavenly love wonder we got. And that’s pretty damn awesome. Welcome back, Rach! You’re doing it!

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