you’re very yellow.

Today I wore my favorite yellow dress… the one I bought on a very happy day in Australia.

I had been wanting a yellow dress.  It was a very long day.  The trains were all messed up [per usual], so I had to wake up at 3am to catch a train to the outskirts of Sydney to make it to an interview for a new nannying family.  [Long story, but I wasn’t exactly happy with the current family I had… The Vincents.]

Anywho… It was such a long, weird, amazing morning.  I wrote in my journal, I listened to music, I rode in a train that looked like it was out of the Darjeeling Limited, I met with the Parkers, they were great, they were sweet, they were young, I drank coffee, I got offered the job, I rode to Newtown [the Austin of Sydney], I was refreshed.

I stepped out of the train station and there was a market accross the street.  I spotted the yellow dress.  I bought it immediately… $10.  I went to a coffee shop [my favorite], I put it on, it fit perfect, I beamed.


[outside the library, at the bike rack, a random man smiles at me and says…]

– You’re very yellow.

– Oh… Thanks?

– It’s awesome.  [then rode off on his bike.]

Well, thank you random man.  I am very yellow and it is awesome.

And here is a song for you.  I didn’t like it so much at first, but now I really like listening to it in the morning:

[p.s. my poached internet is messing everything up… so no pictures of the yellow dress and no embedded video of Matt and Kim.  bummer.]

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