glorious confusion.

[yesterday morning.]

Another gorgeous morning in Jackson.

I think I even said [to my visiting friend]…

– Another beautiful day… Welp, gotta run!

I started riding my bike to work, strangers on bikes passing.  It was beautiful, refreshing.  Then, all of the sudden, drops of water were falling on me.  I swerved to the left and looked at the lawn I was riding by… it must be a sprinkler.  But, wait… nooo… I’m still getting sprinkled on…

I looked up in confusion… looked around, down the street… other cyclist were looking up in confusion.  One passed me and we just started laughing…

– What the heck?

– Is it raining??

– I think so!

– Where’s it coming from??

Still looking up trying to find the rain cloud crashing the only-blue-skies VIP party, I laughed harder at the craziness as I passed another befuddled cyclist…

– Ha, this is crazy!

– I know!  I’m so confused!

Glorious confusion.

7:45am, the sun is out, cool rain dropping on me, laughing with strangers, on bikes… awesome.

[i hope your life is sprinkled with glorious confusion today.]

pigeons all up ons my fave work outfit!
pigeons all up ons my fave work outfit!

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